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Water Conservation Tips to Kick Off Summer

The Summer is lawn care and pool season which means a lot of excessive water use. We want you to enjoy your Summer, but that also means sacrifices have to be made elsewhere. The kitchen and bathroom is a great… Continue Reading →

How to Fix a Dripping Faucet the Right Way

Your faucet is turned on and off more than almost any appliance or fixture in your home and that use leads to eventual repairs. It’s inevitable, but there is certainly a right and wrong way to approach these situations. What… Continue Reading →

Fuhgeddabout Bad Plumbing in the Bronx and Brooklyn

If you are from one of the five boroughs, odds are you are familiar with the famous saying “fugheddaboudit.” These areas have a large Italian population and the jargon of this culture was made popular by the HBO hit series… Continue Reading →

#TestimonialTuesday- Testimonial Spotlight

In today’s day and age, reviews are king, and if your business lacks great customer service, you are going to be drowned by your competitors. We admit that not every appointment is going to go exactly like the customers wants,… Continue Reading →

The Clogging Culprits for All Major Drains

Hey look, it is another blog about clogs from Empire Sewer & Water! That’s right, we bring you all things sewer and drains and we know how much you enjoy it. We are not bloodsuckers and we are never going… Continue Reading →

3 Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure

We are a society of people that likes to have things the way we want them and who doesn’t like nice, strong water pressure? Unfortunately, homes that come with older plumbing systems sometimes struggle with this and we are here to… Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Party Plumbing Mistakes

Memorial Day marks the start of summer here in the northeast and we want to help you get your plumbing ready. Anytime you have a party, especially one where people will be drinking, your plumbing is going to take an… Continue Reading →

5 Benefits of Video Camera Drain Inspection

Video Camera Inspection is a new technology that we use to provide you with the best plumbing service possible. Our technicians are specially trained on this equipment and they are not using it to hit you with another charge. They’re… Continue Reading →

Chores You Can Do to Help Out Mom This Weekend

Mom has done so much for you over the years and now it is time to give back. Being from NYC, Queens or Nassau County, there was a lot going on for us on Mother’s Day. We had moms, aunts,… Continue Reading →

Queens Moms Trust Empire Sewer & Water

Mothers trust their plumbing and drain cleaning to Empire Sewer & Water for a number of different reasons. Whether they are from Queens, Nassau County or Brooklyn, we approach every mom with a confidence they can trust. We will be… Continue Reading →