In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New York and changed some people’s lives forever. The likelihood of another Sandy is small, but in a coastal climate like the one we live in, you need to be prepared for tropical storms.

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Here are five ways that you can keep your home safe from storm and water damage:

Plywood is easily accessible and great for those homeowners who love DIY projects. When a storm is projected to hit the NYC area, head to your local hardware store and pick up enough sheets to cover your windows. If it is applied properly, plywood is extremely effective in protecting your windows from flying debris.

Fabric Panels
This method is also extremely effective and relatively inexpensive. The sheets of fabric are hung tight to windows and doors and their surfaces bounce debris off of them like trampolines. Some people prefer them to plywood because they allow for more visibility during a storm.

Flood Barriers
If you live in Long Island or the Rockaways, flood barriers can pay dividends in the event of a storm. The most inexpensive barriers are sandbags, and deploying a blockade around your home can help keep small floodwaters from entering your basement.

Hurricane Straps
We’ve all seen the Sandy aftermath images of destroyed homes throughout the tri-state area. The part of the home that tends to go first in a major storm is the roof. To combat this, you should invest in hurricane straps to help keep your roof intact.

Colonial Shutters
As a traditional style of window protection, colonial shutters attach to the window’s side walls and fold inward to close. Permanently fixed to the window frame and held open by a clip system, they can quickly and easily be closed and secured with a brace bar when a storm approaches.

Before the bad weather hits, it is important to make sure your pipes are clear and ready to take on the storm! If you live in the NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens area and are in need of service, call Empire Sewer and Water at 718-715-4763, or click around on our website for more information.