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A History of New York City’s Water

At Empire Sewer & Water, we know water, and we have been repairing it’s carriers for over 25 years. And while we have great experience, the history of water in a place like New York City goes back way further… Continue Reading →

How To Tell If Your Clog Is Sewer Related

A drain clog is never fun, especially when the root of the problem lies deeper than you originally thought. Common drain clogs can be handled with some DIY tricks, but sewer related clogs require the help of a professional. Some… Continue Reading →

WARNING: Sewer Problems Ahead

At Empire Sewer and Water, it is our job to care about sewers 365 days a year. But for most homeowners, the sewer only seems to be a concern when things start to go awry. Some problems are big and… Continue Reading →

How Trees Can Affect Your Sewer Lines

The summer is a great time to enjoy the plants, trees and shrubs that you have planted throughout the year. But while you’re gazing upon the landscape in your yard, those same trees you planted could be wreaking havoc beneath… Continue Reading →

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