As long as they are in working order, people tend to forget about the pipes that lie beneath the surface. But when a problem occurs, your pipes are all you think about it. Well lucky for you, Empire Sewer & Water is here to give you peace of mind and answer some of those drain cleaning FAQ’s!

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How do I prevent my sink drain from clogging?
The answer is really quite simple. You need to be careful about what you are letting inside of it. After you cook a delicious meal, you shouldn’t let fats, oils and grease sit inside the sink. Over time, they will find their way down the drain and they’ll begin to solidify. Once that happens, they become a roadblock for all future waste products.

Is it okay to use Drano for a blockage?
It is okay to use Drano here and there, but it is not for frequent use. The same chemicals that clear the drain can also cause damage to plumbing and lead to more expensive problems. After one or two uses, you should consider calling a drain cleaning expert.

If my sewer line is backed up, what can I do about it?
We see this problem all the time and it is usually because of tree root infiltration. If you dug up your lawn, you would be amazed at how far your tree roots can extend. Unfortunately, they often reach themselves into sewer lines and cause expensive problems. There are ways to repair these blockages, but there is no guarantee that they won’t come back. For guaranteed peace of mind, you could replace your sewer line with plastic piping that is borderline impenetrable. To survey your options, call the sewer experts at Empire Sewer & Water.

At Empire Sewer & Water, we can back up our drain knowledge with our drain service. We handle drain problems for both residential and commercial clients and we do so in a professional and timely manner. And if you have any other questions, our technicians would be more than happy to answer them on your next appointment.

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