A leaking toilet is not uncommon, it’s not particularly difficult to fix, but it can cause a lot of damage if you are slow to react. Learning where leaks can occur can help you stay ahead of them and our team at Empire Sewer & Water can come in and perform repairs to have you relieving yourself comfortably again in no time:

Leaking Supply Line

The line that is either beneath or behind your toilet is supplying water to your toilet everytime you flush and the tank needs a refill. This process has a lot of moving parts and things with moving parts can malfunction at any time. The supply line can be ruptured or the joints that are holding it in place can be loose and allow water to seep through. It will be easy to tell if this is the cause because water will leak only during or after a flush.

Stuck or Warped Flapper

  • A stuck flapper forces your toilet to continue a flush after you turn down the handle.
  • The supply line continues to supply the tank with water and eventually when it has nowhere to go, the water starts to overflow.
  • A warped flower is difficult to detect and it is often referred to as a ‘silent leak.’
  • Hard water is filled with minerals that can wear the flapper down overtime and cause it to extend the flush each time until an overflow occurs.

Broken Toilet Tank

An older toilet that may have minor cracks from wear and tear can open up with the constant flow of water. The pressure will force the crack wider and wider until a full blown leak occurs. If you notice water pouring out during a flush, find the water shut-off valve immediately to limit the damage.

Empire Sewer And Water Inc. plumbing installation and repair work is always performed to code to ensure the safety and quality of your residence or building for years to come.

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