When that noise of flushing continues longer than expected, you could be wasting an unnecessary amount of water. Not even just that, it won’t be long before your toilet overflows and now you have a mess in your bathroom. A toilet that runs too long can be fixed, you just need to know what is causing it first:

Possible Causes

  • Chain Issues- You need to check on the connection between your flush lever and the rubber flapper it is attached to. There could be a length issue with your chain and it could be causing unnecessary stress on the flapper.
  • Broken or Warped Flapper- Over time these flapper can warp or crack relatively easily. They are only a small piece of plastic.
  • Position of the Float- A toilet knows when it needs to stop flushing because the tank is supposed to stop once it is just below the overflow pipe. If it doesn’t stop, your float pump could be too high which is causing the tank to overfill.

Possible Solutions

  • Chain Issues- If there is extra length on your chain, all you have to do is adjust the clip to tighten it up. If your chain is attached to a float, make sure it is loosely floating without tension on the flapper
  • Broken or Warped Flapper- The first step to fixing this issue is draining the water from your tank and shutting the down the main water valve. Unhook the flapper from the base of the tank and begin examining. If you notice any vertical lines or discoloration, the flapper might need to be replaced. Make sure you new flapper attaches to the chain in the center and not the thin outer rim.
  • Position of the Float- The easiest and most cost effective fix is to bend the rod connecting to the float so that it signals to stop water flow sooner. If you can’t get it to bend and adjust, you should call in the plumber.

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