The summer is a great time to enjoy the plants, trees and shrubs that you have planted throughout the year. But while you’re gazing upon the landscape in your yard, those same trees you planted could be wreaking havoc beneath the surface. You can avoid costly sewer repairs by educating yourself on the impact that tree roots can have on sewer lines.

Protect Your Sewer

Why do trees love sewers?
To homeowners, a sewer is just a convenient way to get rid of your excess water and waste. To a tree, a sewer is a pipeline of nutrients that are critical for survival. As warm wastewater travels through your pipeline, some of the moisture escapes into the cooler soil that surrounds it. If a tree is in the vicinity, it will naturally try and stretch its roots to the source of this moisture. Once it arrives, it can enter the pipe through even the smallest cracks and begin to expand once it is inside.

How bad is the damage?
Well, it really depends on how early you can diagnose the problem. Slow draining water, noisy toilets and backed up drains are all indicators of possible sewer line damage. If you have experienced any of these problems, you might want to schedule a video inspection of your pipes. This is the most effective way to determine if tree roots or anything else has infiltrated their pathway.

How do I prevent tree root damage?
It can be hard to prevent damage that you can’t see approaching, but it isn’t impossible. Before you improve your landscape, you should be aware of where your laterals and main sewer lines are located. Try and keep all of your trees and shrubs at least 10 feet away from these areas. If you already have some large trees on your property, you should schedule regular maintenance with a professional. This will help catch major sewer blockages before they occur.

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