Sewers are responsible for handling our waste and rainwater before it becomes bothersome to us. Most people know what the sewer does, but what they don’t know is that sewers actually operate on quite a complex system. Maybe you are someone who always wondered where your waste went, maybe you aren’t, but you are going to learn today!

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Types of Sewers
-Sanitary Sewer: This sewer line is in charge of taking the waste from residential and commercial properties and carrying it to a wastewater facility. The cleanliness of our towns and properties relies on the sanitary sewer’s ability to handle its duties.
-Storm Sewer: This sewer line is a lot less smelly, but it’s job is equally as important. The storm sewer does exactly what its name suggests, it carries storm water and debris to the treatment facility.
Types of Sewer Systems
-Separate Systems: Separate systems deliver waste and stormwater through different lines. This method is beneficial when there is an immediate need for sanitary sewage treatment but not stormwater. It gives municipalities a little bit more flexibility with the way they deal with water treatment.
– Combined Systems: A combined system delivers sewage of all types through the same line. It is more cost effective and it tends to speed up the water treatment process. In areas where streets are narrow, combined systems pop up more frequently because there is not enough room to lay two separate pipes.

Now you can go impress your friends with your in depth knowledge of the way sewers operate! If you live in the NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens area and are in need of sewer service, call Empire Sewer and Water at 718-715-4763, or click around on our website for more information.